AIC-Prestige is grateful to present one of the all equipped Drone Centre of Excellence in Indore Madhya Pradesh , Inaugurated by Hon. Minister of Civil Aviation of India Shri Jyotiraditya Scindia in 2021 which was launched by Hon. Dr. V. K. Saraswat (Formar Director of DRDO & Current Menber of NITI Aayog. the center aims to build a healthy environment to learn, experiment and validate new ideas and create sustainable future for startups in the transformative domain of Drones, Along with Industry 4.0 Centre of Excellence we at AIC-Prestige look forward to provide all efforts for innovation and excellence.

Get ready to explore some of next-gen possibilities in the Drone specific sectors, DaaS ( Drone as a service), Drone/ Component Manufacturing, Drone Hardware/ Software Design etc.

Ministry of civil aviation projected that India’s drone market could grow to INR 500 billion in the next five years, hence India is set to become global drone hub by 2030.

Latest news from drone industry includes policies launched by Indian gov. such as PLI scheme, which is for manufacturers of drone components who will be benefited by incentives upon completion of specific production which will help to boost the market.

Drone Agriculture

Includes opporunities in pesticide spraying through revolutionary techniques or precision farm survey (Remote Sensing) through multi spectral sensors.

Drone in Civil Engineering Applications

Various survey of Land, infrastructure, mines etc.

Drone Inspections

Solar Panel Inspections, Power Transmission Line Inspections, etc

Drone in Disaster Management

Search & Rescue, Fire Fighting etc.