13 Aug, 2021
Past Comments Off on Legal Compliances Basics Every Startup Must Know

“Legal compliances are born even before the business itself and must grow with it.

”The importance of Legal & Compliance is often overlooked by many startups, simply because they are not aware of the existing laws.

All startups & budding entrepreneurs were invited for a knowledge boosting session on what are the basic legal & compliance regulations that need to be followed in order to create, sustain & grow their startup.

Session Speakers:

1. Mr. Pankhil Baunthiyal (CEO & Co-Founder at LEGAVERSE,Corporate Lawyer & Legal Strategist)

2. CS Abhishek Soni (Co-Founder at LEGAVERSE, Start-up Consultant & Compliance Management)

We would specially like to thank “Mr. Pankhil Baumthiyal” and ” CS Abhishek Soni” from team LegaVerse for sparing their invaluable knowledge & time in sharing their experiences and expert views. Truly it was an amazing learning experience for everyone present in the session.Venue: AIC-Prestige Inspire Foundation, 3rd Floor, Prestige Vihar, IndoreFor More Details: