About Us

Every person on this planet is blessed with a skill set which they could share. With our app, now you can exchange it with another product or skill, something you always wanted to learn but did not have the reach or resources. This is absolutely cashless and there are certain skills that can be imparted physically while the others can be virtual. Right from teaching English to learning organic agriculture to a doctor visit or helping with clean India drive, different people can contribute to something and in return they can choose what they want--simply exchange. No need of physical infrastructure or going to training classes. Instead learn from the person of your choice and also get the opportunity of becoming a star. Imagine that hidden talent you always had, maybe writing essays in school or playing guitar, now you can teach or perform and get most of the things for which you don't need cash. Save cash for other things like power and phone bills. All this made possible through our mobile app.

Differences / Edge over other competitors – We are the first of its kind skill barter app which is truly cashless--a big leap in the direction of cashless India. If there is no direct exchange, you have the liberty of earning points which you can use for an exchange of your liking. The app is low bandwidth friendly, and is ready for different parts of India with a multi-lingual or translation available on all posts.

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